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Anonymous wondered:

what happened to the harries fandom. every big blog that started it left and i feel like everything is up in the air now idk

I think the novelty has somewhat worn off.

Let me explain. When the twins started Youtube and subsequently the “big” harries blogs (myself included I guess) sprang into existence, they were new. They were (and still are, don’t get me wrong) young, attractive, funny guys on a platform that was just on the brink of exploding, that being Youtube. Just look at the number of people who attended Vidcon in 2011, 2012 and then in 2013. It went from 2,500 to 7,000 to 12,000.

The twins quickly gained subscribers, but that kind of growth is only sustainable for so long. To add on this, Jack and Finn started to depart from making the usual Youtube content (thank god) like tags or whatever and began to focus on making less content that was better made and higher quality.

But many of the people behind the blogs on Tumblr probably felt the way that a lot of their subscribers did—where was all the content? It’s hard to run a blog about Youtubers when there aren’t new videos to gif or edit. And furthermore, their new (better in my opinion) videos weren’t uploaded just to highlight their sharp jawlines or sparkling eyes, but rather to inform and intrigue. But again, it is hard to make gifs of Youtubers when they are filming someone singing in a shed or displaying panoramic views of Indian countrysides.

On another note, time is a factor. I started this blog more than 2 years ago, and my interests are different now than they were that long ago. Sometimes they even change from day to day. Personally, I still consider myself and this blog a part of the Harries “fandom,” but I also like to think my other interests are worth something. Hence, I became sort of multifandom. That being said, I still highly value Jacksgap’s content and remain a loyal viewer. They’re just not the only thing I spend time watching.

TL;DR eventually # of viewers plateaus, better content but less of it, time, boredom, etc.